DevTunnel Troubleshooting

This section provides resources for problems that you may encounter using the DevTunnel service.

In this section:

Known limitations

The current release of the DevTunnel has certain limitations:

  • DevTunnel works with Java 12 and earlier.
  • If a device is directly connected to the development station when starting the DevTunnel session, DevTunnel will block this device and it will not be accessible from any of the tools.
  • Unless you connect to DevTunnel through the CLI, DevTunnel only supports connecting to a single device. If a second device is connected, it will close the connection to the first device. For Android devices, this limitation can be overcome by connecting to DevTunnel through the CLI.
  • When Chrome inspect is active in a DevTunnel session, the following actions in the Perfecto Plugin may fail:
    • Object Spy - element click
    • Object Spy - find elements
  • When using XCTest, on a DevTunnel connected device, in Xcode - do not perform any interactive operations on the device. Such operations will stop the running XCTest package.