Accessibility testing

These days, every app needs to be accessible for everyone, including vision, hearing, or otherwise impaired users. To assist you with improving the accessibility of your applications, Perfecto provides integration with the mobile platform accessibility tools Accessibility Inspector (iOS) and Accessibility Scanner (Android). With these tools, you can check the current screen of an application for accessibility issues. In other words, these tools run accessibility audits per screen, not on the entire application.

You can add the results of the audits performed by these tools to your test reports in Perfecto in the form of attachments, one attachment per audited screen. For identification purposes, you can add a tag name, for example login screen, to each audit result. Perfecto uses the tag to name the audit result file. This makes it easier to match each audit result with the respective screen in the app.


Perfecto provides access to accessibility testing reports only. For accessibility guidelines and compliance information, see the following resources:


Accessibility testing is currently not supported with iOS 10.

Improvement opportunities

The following sections list the areas that Accessibility Inspector and Accessibility Scanner analyze to find opportunities for improvements, including sample reports. Click a tool to view details.

Step-by-step instructions

Watch this short video to see how you can enrich your test reports with audit results produced by Accessibility Inspector or Accessibility Scanner. The video shows how to download the report as a .zip file and open it in a browser window.