Upgrade to Appium 2

With the move to Appium 2, you will need to upgrade all automation tests because of changes to the Appium API. Therefore, before upgrading to Appium 2, make sure you read the Appium documentation about migrating to Appium 2.x from Appium 1.x, which lists breaking changes and migration steps to ensure compatibility with Appium 2.

Appium 2 requires Java client 8.1.x or later.

  • Appium Java client 8 uses a direct connection to the Appium server and therefore cannot work with the following capability: ("automationName", "PerfectoMobile");

  • In addition, with Java client 8 or later, you must add the prefix perfecto: to any non-Appium desired capability.


To learn about Appium 2, including how to use it with Perfecto, see also our free Appium 2.0: Fundamentals course on BlazeMeter University. To view course details and register, you must be logged in.

To configure the Java client for Appium 2:

  • Specify the new Appium 2 capability automationVersion.

    This capability determines which version of the specified driver to use. If this capability is set, it overrides the appiumVersion capability.

    For details, see Appium 2 capabilities.