Automation testing

Perfecto integrates with a wide variety of automation test frameworks, eliminating any problem that organizations may face to be limited to a specific automation test framework. This flexibility enables teams to unify their approach to testing digital experiences across multiple devices and technologies.

Following is a sample workflow that lists some of the available frameworks. The path you take within that flow depends on your app type. Click a link in the diagram to open an article with information to the respective step. 

Perfecto also provides a rich REST API that you can use to extend the automation of Selenium and Appium with functionality not readily available with frameworks that target emulators. These features include selecting the device to test on (mobile or desktop); using the device sensors to verify your application's integration with the camera, fingerprint sensor, and more; generating phone calls or SMS messages from a device with a SIM; and creating a virtual network to automate the applications in different environments.

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