Legacy | Repository Operations

Restriction: This information no longer refers to the latest product version but may still be relevant if you are working with an older version.

The repository is the storage area for files such as applications, scripts, data tables, and images.

The repository is divided into the following areas:

Repository Area API Name Description
Media  media  Files such as applications, images and videos. 
Scripts  scripts  Automation script files. 
Data Tables  datatables  General data table files such as csv or xml files that contain data for scripts. 

Each area is further divided into the following subareas:

Subarea API Name Description
Shared PUBLIC Accessible by all users of the cloud
Group GROUP Accessible by all users of a group
My PRIVATE Only accessible by the owner

Repository Keys

When using the API to perform operations that utilize files from the repository, the paths to the files are specified as repository keys. A repository key consists of the subarea and the path to the file. For example, to specify a file called myImage,jpg stored in the images folder located in the PRIVATE subarea, specify the key as PRIVATE:images/myImage.jpg.

A repository key does not need to contain the repository area in the path as it is inferred from the context. For example, in the Start New Execution operation, when specifying the scriptKey parameter, the repository area is automatically set to scripts.

Repository Operation URI

Many of the operations in this group specify the target Repository location as part of the URI in two parts:

<repository> is specified as follows:

  • media - the repository area for general media files
  • datatables - the repository area for data table file

<repositoryItemKey> is specified as a repository key.

Repository Operations

The API provides the following repository operations: