Scriptless Mobile

Scriptless Mobile is Perfecto's interface for creating automation tests. Scriptless Mobile supports:

  • Inserting commands from a list of available commands and checkpoints into the test editor

  • Creating or modifying variables for the test

  • Adding parameters to commands in a test

  • Using execution control constructs such as conditions, loops, and logical steps

  • Adding or embedding a test in another test

  • Executing tests and viewing a detailed report

  • Selecting a device from the Perfecto Lab

  • Installing and starting an application

  • Navigating the device browser to a particular URL

  • Interacting with the application UI by identifying elements, clicking elements, setting text fields, and viewing element info

  • Viewing, browsing, configuring, filtering, and downloading the application's object tree

  • Visually verifying that the display complies with the expected results

Restriction: Hybrid apps may not work correctly with Scriptless Mobile.

When you have sufficiently tested your scripts, you can invoke them through CI/CD from external tools like Jenkins using the API calls described in Script Operations.

For a quick overview of Scriptless Mobile, watch this video.

To access Scriptless Mobile:

  1. On the Perfecto landing page, under Scriptless Automation, click BUILD MOBILE TEST.

  2. (Optional) In the Select device form, select any real device from the list of devices and click SELECT.

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