Work with test versions

Scriptless Mobilesaves all versions of a test. In theScriptless MobileUI, a test version is called a snapshot. You can select and open any version in the test editor. In addition, you can save any opened version as the latest version of the test.

When you open a test snapshot in a tab in the test editor, the test version or snapshot number gets displayed as a part of the title of the test. For example, if you open Snapshot number one, the title of the test is shown as the test name (Snapshot -1). For the current or latest version, the test title does not include any test snapshot number. This feature helps you to easily identify the test version you are looking at.

You can add comments to a test snapshot anytime. You can later refer to these comments to identify the test snapshot and, if needed, revert to it.

This feature is beneficial when multiple users collaborate on tests. This functionality saves each user's updates as snapshots that facilitate viewing updates saved in various snapshots at any given time.

Moving a test to a new location moves the test along with all its snapshots to the new location. Copying a test to a new location copies the most current snapshot (latest) to the new location.

To learn how to work with test versions in Scriptless Mobile, watch this video or review the instructions following the video.