Appium Inspector


This feature is available with Appium Desktop 1.12.0 and 1.17.0 only. We recommend the use of Appium Desktop 1.17.0.

Appium Desktop offers an Inspector that you can use to look up or locate elements of an application. It also lets you perform basic actions on these elements. Appium Inspector is an alternative to Perfecto Object Spy.

The following video illustrates how you can use Perfecto with Appium Inspector.


Appium Inspector with Perfecto does not currently support:

  • Hybrid apps
    In particular, iOS 13 hybrid apps experience issues with pure Appium.
  • Automatic launch from Perfecto
  • Smart Xpath


The use of Appium Inspector with Perfecto requires Appium Desktop 1.12.0 or 1.17.0. We recommend the use of Appium Desktop 1.17.0. To download, go to or

To get started with Appium Desktop, follow the usage instructions at

Step-by-step instructions


If you attempt to start a session and it hangs for a long time or times out, enter 80 into the Perfecto Port field (even if 80 is already indicated as the default port) and try again (in the Step-by-step instructions, under 3 | Provide Perfecto credentials, see step 3).