NeoLoad for Appium with Quantum

This section guides you through setting up the integration between Perfecto and NeoLoad for running Appium scripts, based on the Quantum framework.


The following limitations apply:

  • The use of the QAFExtendedWebElement functions, as shown in the following example, is not supported.

    QAFExtendedWebElement searchResultElement = new QAFExtendedWebElement("partialLink=" + result);

    Solution: Perform above steps 8 and 9 combined to overcome this challenge. For example:

    QAFExtendedWebElement reports = new QAFExtendedWebElement("nl.reports");
    if(NLDriver.isNeoLoadEnabled()) {
  • QAF’s CommonStep class is not supported.

    Solution: Use above step 9 to overcome this challenge.

  • Tested for Perfecto Desktop Web and Perfecto Mobile Web only.

    Solution: For all other platforms, add the following TestNG parameter to the corresponding test in testng.xml:

    <parameter name="neoload" value="false"/>

Step-by-step instructions

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