Tricentis NeoLoad for Appium with Quantum

Set up the integration between Perfecto and Tricentis NeoLoad for running Appium scripts, based on the Quantum framework.

Important: This document includes references to a third-party product, Tricentis NeoLoad. The user interface and usage of third-party products are subject to change without notice. For the latest published information about Tricentis NeoLoad, see


The following limitations apply:

  • The use of the QAFExtendedWebElement functions, as shown in the following example, is not supported.

    QAFExtendedWebElement searchResultElement = new QAFExtendedWebElement("partialLink=" + result);

    Solution: Perform above steps 8 and 9 combined to overcome this challenge. For example:

    QAFExtendedWebElement reports = new QAFExtendedWebElement("nl.reports");
    if(NLDriver.isNeoLoadEnabled()) {
  • QAF’s CommonStep class is not supported.

    Solution: Use above step 9 to overcome this challenge.

  • Tested for Perfecto Desktop Web and Perfecto Mobile Web only.

    Solution: For all other platforms, add the following TestNG parameter to the corresponding test in testng.xml:

    <parameter name="neoload" value="false"/>

Step-by-step instructions

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