NeoLoad with Perfecto IDE scripts

This section guides you through setting up the integration between Perfecto and NeoLoad using the Perfecto IDE.


Support for the Perfecto IDE will be discontinued at the end of 2020.


The Perfecto integration with NeoLoad currently only supports the use of Perfecto IDE scripts. Perfecto non-native automation scripts are not yet supported.


This integration requires an installation of NeoLoad, including the license module DataExchangeAPI.

Step-by-step instructions

Example scenario

This example clarifies how NeoLoad and Perfecto integrate and how to understand the test results. 

We recorded a NeoLoad script to perform a search in Google. In addition, we created a Perfecto (IDE) script that opens a browser, goes to Google, and performs a search.

We ran this Perfecto script from NeoLoad on two Perfecto devices (2 VUsers) while at the same time running the NeoLoad script that loads the server (8 VUsers). For information on how to select the Perfecto devices, see the information on running one script on several mobiles in the NeoLoad documentation. 

When looking at the results in NeoLoad, as shown on the External Data tab in the image above, you need to understand that:

  • The Unknown count of 1 for each device (Galaxy S10-Android and Galaxy S6-Android) is for loading the .xml file from the repository.
  • The Paths information, such as Webpage.Element.Click, counts the times that the command appears in the script, not a specific click on the element. Our example script includes a click on 2 elements, so NeoLoad presents a count of 4: 2 devices x 2 paths for each device.