Legacy | Performance testing

Perfecto supports an easy way to test your applications in real-world user conditions and experiences. Using the Wind Tunnel capabilities, expand your tests to include target end-users and their real-world conditions that could include:

  • Background applications
  • Network conditions

This ultimately provides predictability to the quality of experience of real users. Available for UFT, Selenium, and Appium.

The challenge

Customers using a mobile application are themselves mobile. They enter an elevator and switch from WiFi to Cellular throughout the day. Calls and messages pop up, applications run in the background, location changes as users are on the go. A standard function test is not enough, the testing needs to consider the environment that affects the application.

The solution

The Performance Testing package defines the Persona concept to incorporate the different environmental factors that affect the execution. These include different network and device conditions. Based on different Persona settings, your test execution may produce different results and different artifacts.

All these abilities are easy to add to your test and become visible in a new reporting interface designed to help identify and gain drill-down understanding of issues.