Re-sign an application | iOS

In some cases, to interact with some UI components, specifically some types of Webviews, the application must be signed with a Developer Certificate that includes provisioning for the cloud device under test. Perfecto supports a re-sign app feature that replaces the app's signature and resigns it with a Perfecto code signing certificate that has the cloud device provisioned. 

The following applicability notes apply:

  • When re-signing an app with a Perfecto certificate, any entitlements used by the original certificate, that is Push notification entitlement, are removed. 
  • The re-sign functionality is only supported for hosted cradles. An alternative for the re-sign option is to add the device's UDID to your application's provisioning profile and install it without the re-signing functionality.
  • Re-signing an app is required for working with SFSafariViewController on iOS devices running version 12.2 and later. For more information, see iOS - Working with SFSafariViewController.

For a visual explanation of the re-signing processes, see Re-signing illustrated.

To activate the re-sign app feature: