Suspension of support policy | Desktop web OS

We strive to provide our customers with access to desktop web devices for the purpose of running unit tests and application tests, either manually or using automation. The desktop web devices available in our lab run different versions of the popular operating systems (OS). However, older versions of these operating systems may be considered no longer relevant for the purposes of our customers and therefore are declared to be in a deprecated state.

The deprecated state, relative to a desktop web OS, means:

  1. We will NOT automatically upgrade devices with deprecated versions.
  2. Users are encouraged to upgrade those devices ASAP to a newer supported version.
  3. We may announce a date on or around which the remaining devices with deprecated versions will be taken offline.
  4. Perfecto will no longer provide fixes or browser version upgrades to devices operating a deprecated system version.
  5. Perfecto will not actively test its releases on such devices and cannot provide advanced notice of potentially breaking changes.

Following are the guiding principles for moving a desktop OS version to a deprecated state:

  • macOS: Apple typically releases a new version once a year. When this happens, Perfecto adds support for the new version and discontinues support for the oldest version.

  • Windows: Microsoft typically releases a new major version once every few years. In general, Perfecto follows the Microsoft lifecycle policy. This means that whenever Microsoft announces end-of-life for an OS version, Perfecto ends its own support for the version.