Scriptless Mobile

Traditional test automation solutions require tedious installations, lengthy authoring cycles, and constant maintenance. Scriptless Mobile is different:

  • Software as a service (SaaS): Scriptless Mobile is seamless, easy to use, and requires no devices or SDKs. Upload your app and get started. Scriptless Mobile has access to emulators and mobile devices in the Perfecto lab and automatically installs your app and streams it to your browser.

  • Locators: Scriptless Mobile does not require xPaths or pre-defined locators. For each element, Scriptless Mobile keeps records of its attributes and its bound and location on the viewport. When a test runs, Scriptless Mobile uses those attributes and converts the bounds and position to the destination device to reliably find the element.

  • Releases: Production integration uncovers the data needed to close the feedback loop, analyzes actual coverage, and points to areas in the app that will maximize your ROI.

Watch this short video for a quick overview.

To access the Scriptless Mobile UI, see Access and navigate the Perfecto UI landing page. Note that Scriptless Automation is currently only available in enterprise clouds.

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