Job details view

Selecting a job opens the job details view. This view contains the following tabs:

  • Tests: Displays a table that lists associated tests along with the following information: 

    • # (Number): The position of the test in the job.

    • On/Off: A flag that you can set to turn a test on or off in the job. If this option is turned off, the job runs without executing the test.

    • Test Name: The name of the test.

    When you hover over a test, a delete icon appears on the right. This lets you quickly delete a test from the job.

  • Runs: Displays a table that lists associated job runs along with the following information:

    • # (Number)

    • Date and time

    • Build

    • Status (pending, running, completed, etc.)

    • Pass/Fail

    • Success Rate

    • (Abort job)

    Selecting a job run displays a table that lists the associated tests with the following information:

    • Test Name

    • Status

    • Run Time

    • Device

    Selecting a test displays the Test run results.