Manage devices


This view is only available in private clouds.

Under Assets & Setup > Admin > Devices, cloud admins can view and manage mobile devices and device groups. 

Device groups are an easy way to manage user access to mobile devices. As an admin user, you can group devices together and then assign the group to one or more users. These users then have access to this group of devices. Each user can be a member of a single device group.

The Devices tab displays a table that lists devices based on the selected device group, along with device details such as availability, OS version, device ID, location, network, IMEI, and so on. 

The left pane lists the available device groups and includes an option to add a new device group. The first group (All) includes all devices. Above the table, a toolbar provides access to common actions: adding one or more selected devices to a device group and editing a selected device. You can also:

  • Filter devices by status (Reserved by Me, Available, In Use, In Error, Offline)


    The Reserved by Me filter is only available to clouds that require users to reserve a device.

  • Search for specific devices

  • Open a view that lists all device groups at a glance

You can refresh the Devices view by clicking the refresh icon  at the top right. The Updated timestamp shows the time that the view was last refreshed.

Watch this video to see how you can manage device groups and devices. Detailed steps follow.

This section walks you through common tasks related to device groups. Click a task to view its steps.


The following limitations currently apply:

  • Devices with a status of offline cannot be removed from a device group, and it is not possible to create a device group with offline devices.
  • When all devices in a group are filtered out, a "No devices" message appears.
  • Scrolling the devices table in any direction may cause the table to turn blank.
  • The names of device groups cannot contain spaces.