Perfecto User Guide

Perfecto offers cloud-based web and mobile app testing. It lets you create and execute your tests, generate reports, and analyze test results. You can run automated tests or perform live testing, integrate with many of the DevOps tools you already use, and accelerate your testing cycle for faster time-to-market without compromising quality.

Automation Testing

Integrate Perfecto with the test automation framework of your choice and extend Appium and Selenium automation with our REST API.

Manual Testing

Select and operate a device, including widgets and productivity features available during testing.

Scriptless Automation

Get started with web and mobile test automation without coding and maintenance overhead.

Test Analysis

Explore test results with customized views, distinguish test methods in long executions, and add logical steps and tags.

Assets and Setup

Manage the repository, users, devices, reservations, and failure reasons, or set up integration with Jira.

Supported Platforms

View the IDEs, device platforms, and test frameworks that Perfecto supports.


Integrate with tools that are already part of your DevOps toolchain, from IDEs to continuous integration tools and test automation frameworks.

System Administration

Learn about Perfecto SSO for external IdP, Bluetooth audio connectivity, and best network practices.


Dive into debugging with DevTunnel, generating and analyzing HAR files, and performance testing with Perfecto.


Explore this section if you still work with the old Perfecto UI. Anything legacy is available here.