Handle tests

A test is a set of commands and checkpoints. You can create a new test, save it, open an existing one and save it with a new name, or delete a test.

After making changes to a test, each time you save the test, Scriptless Mobile saves a new version of the test called a snapshot. To learn more, see Work with test versions.

If a test contains loops or conditions, or if steps have been combined into a logical step, commands in the test appear indented. In the test editor, indented commands are identified through expand/collapse controls next to the line number and down/right arrows to the left of a test step. You can click these controls to expand or collapse the respective code block as needed.

To expand or collapse all indented code blocks at once, you can also use the following keyboard shortcuts (on both Windows and macOS machines):

  • To expand the code, press Ctrl+].

  • To collapse the code, press Ctrl+[.

Important: Scriptless Mobile tracks the changes you make to the test editor. Alerts indicating unsaved changes appear in case of application closure or session timeout. Alerts for data recovery of unsaved changes appear after logging in to Scriptless Mobile. You can view your unsaved changes and save or discard them.

To learn how to handle tests in Scriptless Mobile, watch this video or review the instructions following the video.