Helix ALM

Helix ALM provides the ability to automate tasks and integrate with other tools via REST API calls from a secured connection. You can create, update, or query the records (test case, requirement, test run, issues, and so on) from the API and receive a response in JSON format for each call.

You can integrate Perfecto with Helix ALM to view the status of automated tests run in Perfecto in Helix ALM and receive a link to the report created by Perfecto Smart Reporting in the  ALM notes section.

For more information about working with Helix ALM, see https://help.perforce.com/helix-alm/helixalm/.

Step-by-step instructions

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Sample Quantum project

You can find a sample Quantum project in GitLab: https://gitlab.com/perfectops/helixalm_perfecto_integration

With the help of custom fields, you can enable the execution report in the Perfecto Report Library to display the related test case.