Android support updates


When working with any beta version of major OS versions, especially but not only developer betas that are not available as public betas, any testing done on the device may be affected by instabilities and bugs on the OS level. If you are interested in testing a beta version, contact Perfecto Support or your Customer Success Manager. We recommend limiting beta testing to 1-2 devices.

Android limitation


When running tests on specific devices, they fail with the following error message: "No Chromedriver found that can automate Chrome '0.0.0'. "

Affected devices

This issue affects the following devices and Android versions:

  • Samsung Galaxy S8 on Android 7.0

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on Android 7.1.1


This issue occurs because the webview version on these devices is listed as, a version that does not have a corresponding Chromedriver. As a result, when the Chromedriver tries to find a Chromedriver version that works with the webview version, it cannot find a suitable driver.

Version support

Android version

Support terms

13 GA

Fully supported.

12 GA

Fully supported. For secured screens, use the securedScreenInstrument capability.

Long press in Samsung Message app

With Android 12, the Samsung Messages app has introduced the feature of a so-called long press that allows moving images or text. Clicking an image or text with a long press of 500 ms still opens the menu, but if you apply a longer press, the menu opens and closes immediately, and you can then move the clicked object to a different location on the screen.

To handle this new functionality in your Appium automation scripts, you can use the press() or longPress() functions with duration handling. This functionality has been tested and is working with Perfecto.

For examples, see Appium press() and longPress() samples.

11 GA

Fully supported. Perfecto supports all Pixel devices to which Google has rolled out the update. Additional devices will be supported as they become available in the market.

10 GA

Support for capturing secure screens is now available for early access. Secure screens are configured on the activity level by specifying FLAG_SECURE while creating a relevant activity. When this flag is set, the content of the screen is treated as secure, meaning that it does not appear in screenshots and cannot be viewed on non-secure displays.

10 beta 6

Video is not supported when a device is in "landscape" mode.

10 beta 5

Video is not supported when a device is in "landscape" mode.

10 beta 4

  • Video is not supported when a device is in "landscape" mode.
  • In some cases, a popup window with the following message opens: "Perfecto controller is requesting permission to use WLAN. Allow?"