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What’s New in Perfecto 24.2?

This release introduces enhancements to the Report Library and the single test report that will make it easier for you to identify:

  • The dataset and flow used in test runs initiated in Scriptless Web, along with the test sequence and index
  • Elements and their associated actions in logical test steps for test runs initiated in Scriptless Web
  • Perfecto command names in logical test steps for tests run on desktop web and virtual devices

In addition, this release added phone number support for Perfecto users to allow for job-related SMS notifications in Scriptless Mobile.

This release also adds support for new platform versions for real and virtual devices as well as support for new browser versions.

24.2 Release notes Latest Updates

Perfecto overview

Get an overview of Perfecto services. Learn how to access the Perfecto UI and choose a workflow.

Perfecto overview

Learn how to perform automated testing with Perfecto.

Automation testing

Learn how to select and operate devices during live testing.

Manual testing

Learn how to create stable test automation without needing to code.

Scriptless Mobile Scriptless Web

Learn how to quickly navigate within your latest build execution and identify potential problems.

Test analysis

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