Release 21.12

See what's new in Perfecto 21.12.

Appium 1.20 cloud upgrades

Private Perfecto clouds that have not been upgraded yet to Appium 1.20.2 will automatically be upgraded in 3 weeks, starting October 24.

For upgrade details, see our Appium upgrade notice in the 21.6 release notes.

Windows 11 Beta support

As the first in the market, Perfecto added support for Windows 11 Beta with Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. See also Supported platforms.

iPhone 13 support

As the 1st in the market, added support for the new series of iPhone 13 mobile devices, including iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. You can start testing your apps in the cloud immediately on the latest iOS 15 platform.

For a complete list of supported devices, see

Virtual device enhancements

  • Standardized the licensing of virtual device sessions to work the same as desktop web sessions. With this enhancement, you now see the number of available licenses below the Virtual device folder on the My Devices tab in the Manual Testing view.

  • Virtual devices now support:

    • .apks files for automation and manual testing

    • Appium 1.21.0

    • The following Samsung Galaxy devices on Android 11: Galaxy Note 10+, Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S10+, Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S20+, Galaxy S8, Galxy S9, Galaxy S9 Plus

Reporting enhancements

  • Added IDs to Perfecto-supplied failure reasons on the Failure reasons tab in the Assets and Setup view. With this enhancement, it is now possible to use predefined failure reasons in automation scripts. For more information, see Manage failure reasons.

  • Added a new failure reason called Session Inactivity. By default, all interactive tests that ended due to session inactivity are now mapped to this new failure reason. This shortens the test failure triage and allows you to focus on true functional failures.

    In addition, also implemented an option not to save such tests to the Report Library at all, so that they will not affect the total number of failed tests. If you are interested in this option, contact Perfecto Support.

    Session inactivity is one of the most common failure reasons during live testing.

DevTunnel installer

DevTunnel installer now recognizes the STunnel version installed on the machine. With this enhancement, if STunnel has not been installed or an older version is installed, DevTunnel installer installs the latest STunnel version. To get this feature, download the latest version of DevTunnel.

Reports in Azure Pipeline

If you are interested in making execution reports available in Azure Pipeline jobs, you can now find information in this new article.

Resolved issues

  • Fixed an issue that prevented network files from being shown in the reports of interactive sessions. With this fix, network files are now available for download as expected.

Platform support

Support for the following new platform versions is now available in all clouds:

  • iOS 15.1 Beta 2, with the limitation that on incoming calls, a blurred image displays instead of a call screen (only relevant for IDS fast video). The limitation around typing text (slowness and sometime failure on timeout) has been resolved.

  • iOS 15.0.1, with the limitations that typing text is slow, sometimes failing on timeout, and on incoming calls, a blurred image displays instead of a call screen (only relevant for IDS fast video).

  • iOS 12.5.5 GA.

For a complete list of limitations, see iOS support updates.

Browser support

Support for the following new browser versions is now available:

  • Google Chrome 93 and 94 Stable on Windows and Mac machines

  • Microsoft Edge 93 Stable on Windows machines.

  • Mozilla Firefox 92 Stable and 93 Beta on Windows and Mac machines.