Release 21.8

See what's new in Perfecto 21.8.

New group management APIs

Added new APIs that facilitate the following group management operations:

  • Create and update a group

  • Get a group

  • Delete a group

  • Find groups

These APIs are now the preferred way of managing groups.

For more information on these APIs, see Group Management Operations.

Cypress logs

Added an option to download Cypress logs from the single test report.

Quantum 1.23.0

Quantum 1.23.0 is now available. Quantum is Perfecto's automation framework, designed to give you everything you need from a framework with built-in, seamless Perfecto integration. It provides testNG integration for execution management, the ability to write BDD scripts, and a wide range of pre-built commands. Quantum is available as a free download from GitHub and can be extended as needed.

The new release introduces the following changes:

  • Upgraded QAF version to 3.0.0.

  • Added driver restart logic.

  • Integrated Axe Accessibility libraries and added the necessary methods.

  • Added device vitals utility methods in the file.

  • Added reusable Javascript click and sendKeys event methods.

  • Optimized the video download feature.

  • Fixed an Image Injection method-related bug for the id type of method.

  • Added timestamps in logs.

  • Added conditions to automatically ignore DriverInitListener when a shared device session is used and for virtual devices.

  • Enhanced NTLM proxy authentication in APIs.

For details, including upgrade instructions, see Quantum 1.23.0 release notes.

Other enhancements

  • Added support for email notifications. New users created in the latest Perfecto UI can now receive an email with their username and relevant onboarding information. Passwords will be shared by the administrator through a secure channel. If you are interested in this feature, contact Perfecto Support.

Resolved issues

  • Fixed an issue related to sensor instrumentation of iOS apps that use biometric authentication. With this fix, Perfecto now supports the iOS permission prompt that opens the first time the application uses biometric authentication. Previously, Perfecto would ignore the response to this prompt.

    For details, see Biometric authentication on iOS devices.

Platform support

Support for the following new platform versions is now available:

  • iOS 14.7 Beta 3

    The following Apple limitation applies: Connecting to an application's UIWebView crashes the application, even when accessed through the Safari developer menu. The limitations of iOS 13 versions still apply.

  • iOS 12.5.4 GA

Browser support

Support for the following new browser versions is now available:

  • Mozilla Firefox 89 Stable and 90 Beta on Windows and Mac machines

  • Microsoft Edge 91 Stable on Windows 10 machines