Release 21.9

See what's new in Perfecto 21.9.

Reporting enhancements

Added support for rotating videos in single test reports (STR). With this feature, you can now choose the proper orientation for the device under test. Previously, most devices in the STR would display in a vertical position (portrait mode), regardless of the orientation in which the test was performed.

Watch this short video to see how it works.


Currently, this feature is supported for iOS devices, Android device, and emulators.

For comprehensive information on STRs, see our Single test report (STR) documentation.

Reporting SDK enhancements

The Reporting SDK now supports Python 3.x. The library name is perfecto-py3. To install this library, run the following command:

pip install perfecto-py3

The code is available at

For download information, see Download the Reporting SDK. For information on implementing the reporting framework, see Python.

DevTunnel enhancements

  • DevTunnel now supports establishing a connection to multiple Android devices in a single session. Perfecto officially supports up to 8 devices in parallel.

    Until now, to connect to multiple devices, you had to run the DevTunnel script in a separate window for each device, or as a separate command.


    When establishing a connection with multiple devices, the security token provided is per MCM.

    For usage instructions, see our DevTunnel documentation.

  • All DevTunnel CLI scripts and extra files are now available in a dedicated GitHub project at This enhancements eliminates the need for different scripts on Mac and Windows and eases both access and maintenance of these files.

    For updated documentation, see Connect to DevTunnel through the CLI.

Enhancements to the Perfecto-Cypress integration

The latest version of the Perfecto-Cypress SDK now supports Cypress projects with access to private libraries using the .npmrc file of the NPM package manager.

In addition, the Perfecto-Cypress integration now supports:

  • Cypress 7.5.0

  • NodeJS version 14


    NodeJS 14 is not supported with Windows 7. This is a NodeJS limitation.

For comprehensive information on the Perfecto-Cypress integration, see our Cypress documentation.

Jenkins with Cypress

If you are interested in integrating Jenkins with Cypress, you can now find instructions in our new Jenkins with Cypress article.

Appium 1.20

Appium 1.20 is now available by default in the Mobile cloud. In private clouds, it is available upon request. If you are interested, contact Perfecto Support.

For more information, see the Appium upgrade notice in our 21.6 release notes.

Desktop app enhancements

On Windows, the Perfecto desktop app now comes with an installation wizard that allows you to select the installation directory. For a new Windows installation, the default installation directory is C:\Program Files\PerfectoApp. For an installation on a Windows machine that already has an older version of the desktop app installed, the default installation directory is the directory where the older app is installed.


The latest version of the desktop app is only available upon request. If interested, contact Perfecto Support.

Platform support

Support for the following new platform versions is now available:

  • iOS 15 Beta 2 (Mobile cloud only). In private clouds, it is available upon request. If you are interested, contact Perfecto Support.

    The following limitations apply:

    • Devices running iOS 15 Beta 4 use Appium 1.20, with the Appium limitations listed in the Appium upgrade notice in our 21.6 release notes.

    • The capability wdaEventloopIdleDelay sometimes crashes. We recommend that you avoid using it for now.

  •  14.7 Beta 4. The following Apple limitation applies: Connecting to an application's UIWebView crashes the application, even when accessed through the Safari developer menu.

    The limitations of iOS 13 versions still apply.