Release 22.5

Virtual device enhancements

Virtual mobile devices now support Object Spy. Object Spy makes it easy to discover object locators in the pure Appium source tree for use when testing native apps.

For comprehensive information, see Use Object Spy to find objects on the device screen.

New Test Coverage Guide

Our latest Test Coverage Guide (previously known as the Test Coverage Index), Spring 2022 edition, is now available. The new guide includes:

  • Expanded lists of the top 32 devices/operating systems by country

  • Practical tips for applying the data to test strategy

  • Planning calendars with upcoming mobile and web release dates

To get your copy of the guide, download it here.

Platform support

Support for the following new platform versions is now available in all clouds:

  • iOS 15.5 Beta 2, with the same limitations as prior iOS 15 releases

For a complete list of limitations, see iOS support updates.

Browser support

Support for the following new browser versions is now available:

  • Mozilla Firefox 99 Stable and 100 Beta on Windows and Mac machines

For a complete list of supported browsers, see Supported platforms.