Release 21.5

Reporting enhancements

Added support for opening a device directly from the single test report by clicking the open device icon  in the report header. This allows you to quickly reproduce functional failures with the same platform capabilities or configurations (such as device model, OS type and version, location, screen orientation, or background apps) as the original test.

If the device is in use by another user, you have too many devices open, the device fails to open, or your cloud requires a reservation to open a device, Perfecto displays relevant messages and links to assist you.

Perfecto Gradle plugin

Updated the Perfecto Gradle plugin to version 21.5.

Passcode limitation on Android devices

If an Android device that requires a passcode is rebooted, Perfecto removes the passcode on restart to be able to reconnect the device, but the device still displays the passcode screen, and entering the passcode subsequently fails. This is a known limitation that will be resolved in a future release.

To overcome this issue, perform one of the following workarounds:

  • Before rebooting the device, disable the screen lock.
  • After rebooting the device, press the device's power button repeatedly, until the lock is released.

Test framework support

Added support for Cypress 6.8.0 (instead of 6.7.1) and 7.0.0.

Platform support

Support for iOS 14.5 RC is now available, with the following Apple limitation: Connecting to an application's UIWebView crashes the application, even when accessed through the Safari developer menu. The limitations of iOS 13 versions still apply.

Browser support

Support for the following new browser versions is now available:

  • Mozilla Firefox 88 Stable and 89 Beta on Windows and Mac machines
  • Google Chrome 90 Stable and 91 Beta on Windows and Mac machines
  • Microsoft Edge 90 Stable on Windows 10 machines