Live Stream

The Live Stream view provides information on the test executions currently running on devices in Perfecto. Administrator users see all executions. Other users only see their own executions.

Live Stream overview

The Live Stream view displays a header with the total number of executions running and a Search field on the right. Two modes are available:

  • Grid: Default. Displays a table view of all executions currently running, provided you have permission to view them. Includes options to view the live video for an execution and to stop one or more executions. The grid shows the list of running test executions with the following information:

    • The Name and Owner of the execution, where the name is determined by the value of the scriptName capability defined in the test script.

    • The Time the execution started (in the browser's local timezone) and the Duration (the length of time the execution has been running) in minutes, seconds, and millisecond.

    • The characteristics of the device used for the test execution, as follows:

      • Device type: An icon that indicates whether the device is a mobile or desktop web device

      • Device model: For mobile, the device model; for desktop web, the VM operating system (Windows | Mac)

      • OS: The version of the operating system

      • Browser: If the test is running on a browser, an icon that indicates the type of browser and a number that indicates the browser version

      • Resolution: The display resolution of the device

      • More: Any additional information regarding the device, if applicable

  • Device dashboard:  Displays a video view of all executions currently running, provided you have permission to view them. Includes options to apply a filter, get more information on a specific execution, and view the video in full-screen view. 

Tip: By default, an automatic timeout occurs after 15 minutes of inactivity. If you intend to monitor the Live Stream view continuously on a board or wall, in either mode, you can turn off the automatic timeout feature by adding the following parameter to the URL: ?session-idle-limitation-disabled
For example: https://<your-cloud>

You can also use the HTTP API to retrieve test execution information of currently running executions in JSON format or stop a specific test execution. For details, see Execution Manager API.

To switch between modes:

  • Click the grid icon for grid mode or the video icon for the device dashboard, respectively.

To search for specific executions:

  • In the Search field at the top right, enter any string included in the execution listing. For example, you can search by owner, platform, or device model.

    The Live Stream view updates dynamically as you type, showing only executions that match the entered string.

  • In device dashboard mode, use the filter pane to focus on executions of interest.


The following restrictions apply:

  • The Live Stream view is not available in hybrid clouds.

  • Due to a known limitation, the device dashboard is not available when viewed on Safari.

Device dashboard mode

By default, the device dashboard shows up to 8 devices. If more test executions are running, and if the current user has permission to view them, you can access them using the right and left arrows . The number of total executions running is shown at the top left.

Watch this short video to see how the device dashboard mode works.

Grid mode

Watch this short video to see how the grid mode works.