DevTunnel | Debug on real Perfecto devices

Mobile and web developers constantly need to develop and validate their code on real mobile devices. Until now, they were not able to leverage mobile lab solutions for their development activities because they were blocked and could not integrate remote devices with their development tools to perform their tasks.

With Perfecto DevTunnel, developers can leverage real devices in the Perfecto Smart Lab, a cloud-based test lab, as if they were connected locally to their workstation over a USB cable. At the same time, developers can fully control the device environment to perform development and debugging activities.

If you are a developer, Perfecto DevTunnel lets you:

  • Share resourcesClosed Share real mobile devices, hosted across the globe for your development activities. There is no more need to have local pools of devices at each location to cover multiple OS versions and device models. Devices are always available and accessible.
  • Reduce time to fixClosed  DevTunnel's remote access provides the ability to debug on remote devices and to reproduce complex issues, both issues detected by QA and issues that come from production. Easily configure the environment (such as network, location, and so on) while you have full access to your debugger.
  • Integrate with existing toolsClosedDevTunnel is easy to set up and is fully integrated with your existing tool stack. 

Note that only ADB (Android Debug Bridge) commands are supported.

DevTunnel change log

The following table lists changes to DevTunnel as of Perfecto release 21.11.

Release Change


Updated the Windows installer to add proxy configuration options.


Added support for the following:

  • Oracle JDK version 17

  • OpenJDK

  • STunnel version 5.71

  • New connection log files on Linux:

    • /var/log/usbmuxd.log

    • /tmp/devtunnel-connection.log


Added support for running DevTunnel CLI scripts on Headless Linux.


Added support for the new DevTunnel Installer. Advantages of the new installer:

  • Download the installer once and use it with multiple clouds. Because the installation process now requires the input of both the Perfecto security token and the cloud name, it is possible to re-install quickly using the same file. Previously, for each cloud, you had to download a new installation package.

  • On macOS, the Installer is now signed with a certificate issued by Apple so that you can download and install it safely. Previously, because the Installer had to be downloaded separately for each cloud, it was not possible to get it signed. As a result, the installation process on Mac machines was interrupted by warning messages.


Added support for DevTunnel on macOS Monterey with an Apple M1 Pro chip.


DevTunnel installer no longer uses BREW to get the latest STunnel version. It now uses a pre-installed STunnel, currently STunnel 5.59.


DevTunnel installer now recognizes the STunnel version installed on the machine. If STunnel has not been installed or an older version is installed, DevTunnel installer installs the latest STunnel version.


DevTunnel is now supported on Linux machines (Debian only). The installer recognizes the operating system and uses the correct installer.


Fixed the following issues:

  • Fixed an issue that caused the DevTunnel installation to fail with the following error: 

    PerfectoInstaller.pkg can't be installed because its digital signature is invalid. 
    The package may have been corrupted or tampered with. Get a new copy of the package and try again.

    This issue occurred when the browser used to download the package used the cache, which prevented the new version of DevTunnel from being received. To resolve this problem, we added an additional parameter to the download URL to prevent caching.

  • Removing port forwarding did not work with ADB 1.0.40. This issue was caused by changes made between ADB protocol 1.0.40 and 1.0.41. To fix this issue, we added a treatment for the old protocol. Now, removing port forwarding with ADB 1.0.40 works as expected.

  • During installation, was placed in the wrong folder. Fixed the location so that the installation process now places the file in the correct folder.

  • The DevTunnel relay process did not restart during installation. Instead, the old version of the process kept running. Fixed this issue so that now, the relay process restarts during installation.

General flow

The general flow of developing with DevTunnel involves:

  1. Install the DevTunnelInstaller (one-time installation).
  2. Connect a Perfecto device to DevTunnel from the Perfecto UI.
  3. Use the Perfecto device in place of the SDK emulators for development, testing, and debugging with full integration with the IDE or Chrome inspect.