Release 21.7

See what's new in Perfecto 21.7.

New documentation portal

Effective immediately, Perfecto product documentation has a new home at This portal includes access to all relevant resources.

The new help system offers several enhancements, in particular to search and code snippets. To get started, see How to us the Perfecto help.

All documentation links in the Perfecto UI have been updated accordingly.

New role management APIs

Added new APIs that facilitate the following role management operations:

  • Add roles to and remove roles from a user

  • Add a user to and remove a user from device groups

These APIs are now the preferred way of managing roles.

For more information on these APIs, see Role Management Operations.

New fields in Find Users API

The Find Users API now also returns the fields locked, roles, and deviceGroups.

New Audio option for live testing


This feature is only available in hybrid tenants. To enable it, contact Perfecto Support.

Added a new audio option to the device toolbar in the Manual Testing view. With this enhancement, you can quickly turn audio on or off for the open mobile device.

For devices that do not support audio, this option is unavailable .

Other live testing enhancements

  • Added a device type icon to tab names and to the info panel on the open device tab and the MY DEVICES tab.

    • Desktop web device:

    • Mobile device: 

    • Virtual device: 

  • On the MY DEVICES tab (in table view), enhanced the sorting of tables such that clicking a column header sorts the table by the respective column and clicking the header again reverses the sort order. Previously, sorting would only work in one direction and not on all columns.


    Sorting is not available for the Recent folder.

Resolved issues

  • The Recent folder on the MY DEVICES tab in the Manual Testing view would show a busy Mac VM as AVAILABLE, and the same instance of the Mac machine with identical parameters would show multiple times. This is now fixed.

Deprecation notice

Microsoft Edge versions 14-18 are now deprecated for desktop web testing.

Platform support

Support for the following new device platforms is now available:

  • iOS 14.7 Beta 1

  • iOS 14.6 GA

The following Apple limitation applies: Connecting to an application's UIWebView crashes the application, even when accessed through the Safari developer menu. The limitations of iOS 13 versions still apply.