Release 22.16

See what's new in Perfecto 22.16.

Device management enhancements

For users with Lab Administrator role, added the following new options to the Devices view:

  • Baseline: For devices with the status CONNECTED, you can now set the applications baseline. If you choose to set the applications baseline, the application will not be removed when the device is cleaned.

  • Template: You can now reload the template for devices with the status READY TO CONNECT or CONNECTED.

For more information, see Manage devices.

Scriptless Web enhancements

Copy project option

Scriptless Web now provides the option to copy a project. You can copy a project, rename it, and create a new project. The new project contains the tests, jobs, and assets copied from the original project.

In addition, the projects in the My projects view now appear in the order of their creation. The most recent project is at the top. The option to add a new project now appears in the top left corner.

Support for new browser versions

Scriptless Web now supports the following new browser versions:

  • Google Chrome 107 and 108

  • Mozilla Firefox 106, 107, and 108

  • Microsoft Edge 107 and 108

  • Safari 16

New DevTunnel Installer

Perfecto is currently rolling out deployment of the new DevTunnel Installer. The new Installer comes with the following advantages:

  • Download the DevTunnel Installer once and use it with multiple clouds. Because the installation process now requires the input of both the Perfecto security token and the cloud name, it is possible to re-install quickly using the same file. Previously, for each cloud, you had to download a new installation package.

  • On macOS, the installer is now signed with a certificate issued by Apple so that you can download and install it safely. Previously, because the installer had to be downloaded separately for each cloud, it was not possible to get it signed. As a result, the installation process on Mac machines was interrupted by warning messages.

For installation instructions, see Known limitations.

iOS enhancements

In clouds configured using Appium 1.22.3, swipe actions on iOS devices now behave more naturally, allowing for swiping from the bottom of the screen to switch apps or to go to the home screen.

This change results in the following behavior change in automation scripts: If scripts were incorrectly built using swiping directly from the bottom of the screen to perform a page swipe, a correct home screen or app switch action will now be performed instead.

New course: Perfecto 101

Are you new to PerfectoBlazeMeter University now includes a Perfecto 101 course. This free course provides an overall introduction to the Perfecto platform and highlights some of its proprietary features. It is intended for QA engineers, developers, DevOps engineers, and anyone who wishes to get familiar with Perfecto.

To view course details, go to You will need to log in to sign up for this course.

New Appium 2-compliant client and Selenium 4 sample project

Are you considering an upgrade to an Appium 2-compliant client and Selenium 4 but do not know just where to start or how to test the waters? We have made a new sample project available for you on GitHub. The project demonstrates the changes required by both Appium 2 and Selenium 4. It comes with an extensive list of demo test cases for you to run. You can change the dependencies and add or replace the respective Selenium version (4.2 and later) based on your project's or company's requirements.

For details, including migration tips, see Sample project.

Virtual device enhancements

Simulators now support iOS 16.2 GA in the US region. Support in the Canada region will be added in the near future.

For an updated list of devices, see Supported platforms.

Appium upgrade

Appium 1.22.3 is now available by default in the Mobile cloud. Perfecto is not aware of any breaking changes, but tests that are not compatible with Appium 1.22.3 may still be affected. If this is the case, you can use the appiumVersion capability to run your tests with Appium 1.20.2 while upgrading your tests.

Deprecation updates

Support for iOS 11 has been deprecated.

For comprehensive deprecation information, see Suspension of support policy | Mobile device OS.

Platform support

Support for the following new iOS versions is now available in all clouds:

  • iOS 16.3 Beta 1

  • iOS 16.2 GA

  • iOS 15.7.2 GA

All limitations documented for iOS 15 still apply.

For complete support information, see iOS support updates.

Browser support

Support for the following new browser versions is now available:

  • Mozilla Firefox 108 Stable and 109 Beta on Windows and Mac machines

For a complete list of supported browsers, see Supported platforms.