Release 21.2

Upload file command

Added a new Perfecto command for desktop web automation, perfecto:file:upload. If a test requires uploading a file from the Perfecto repository to the desktop web machine under test, you can use this command. For more information, including usage and examples, see Upload file (FR)

Ability to have different IdP and Perfecto usernames

If your IdP username differs from the Perfecto username, it is now possible to specify the IdP username in Perfecto. This is helpful in any of the following scenarios:

  • Your IdP is case sensitive.
  • You need to move an existing Perfecto user to IdP authentication.
  • You have multiple IdPs and need to move the existing Perfecto user from one IdP to another.

For more information on the management of external users, see Manage users.

Smart Reporting change

Based on customer feedback, Perfecto now marks Espresso tests throwing an AssumeViolationException as Blocked, similar to Android Studio, which marks them as Skipped. Previously, Perfecto would mark such tests as Passed. This behavior change does not affect existing test results.

Assets and Setup enhancements

  • User group names are automatically updated in the user list after editing.

  • The Edit group form can be used to remove users from a group.

  • Offline devices can now be removed from a device group.

  • Added a Reserved by me filter to the Devices view to allow admin users to quickly find devices they have reserved. Only available to clouds that require users to reserve devices.

Support items

  • Users created in the new UI are allowed to open devices without the need for tokens.

  • Users who only had an Administrator role in the old UI should now have an Administrator role in the new UI.


Deployed iOS-specific improvements addressing Click and Type latencies as compared to Android.

XCTest for XCode 12 on additional iOS versions

Added support for XCTest for XCode 12 on iOS 11 through 14. Previously, support for Xcode 12 binaries was only available on iOS 14.

Cypress 6.3.0

Perfecto’s Cypress SDK now supports Cypress version 6.3.0. This version is cached. For details, see our Cypress documentation.

New device platforms

Support for the following new device platforms is now available:

  • iOS 14.5 Beta
  • iOS 14.4 GA

The limitations of iOS 13 versions still apply.


New browser versions

Support for the following new browser versions is now available:

  • Google Chrome 89 Beta on Windows and Mac machines
  • Mozilla Firefox 85 Stable on Windows and Mac machines