Release 23.14

See what's new in Perfecto 23.14 (released on November 12, 2023):

New devices in the public cloud

Perfecto's public cloud now includes a host of new devices. Among the latest additions are iPhone 15, Google Pixel 8, Samsung Galaxy A24, and Samsung Galaxy S23. Some earlier iOS and Android devices were added as well. This update ensures a more inclusive and versatile cloud experience for our public cloud users.

Scriptless Web enhancements

Support for flows

Scriptless Web now lets you create different flows for a test in Advanced Mode. A flow is an alternative step sequence. Flows provide a quick way of enabling or disabling steps or modifying the logical flow of steps.

After creating one or more flows, you can select any of the flows to use when you run the test. You can also select a flow when adding a test to a job.

Watch this short video to see how to work with flows. For details, see Flows.

End-of-life reminder

With support for macOS Sonoma, macOS Catalina is now deprecated and, based on our suspension of support policy for desktop web operating systems, will be End of Life (EOL) by end of 2023. Devices running Catalina will no longer be available in Perfecto.

For details about the Perfecto support policy, see Suspension of support policy | Desktop web OS.

To explore upgrade options, contact Perfecto Support.

Perfecto Resource Center

To enhance access to the latest release highlights and, where applicable, onboarding material, Perfecto now includes a dedicated Resource Center for quicker and more prominent navigation. You can access the Resource Center by clicking the lightbulb button on the far right of the header area.

Platform support | Real devices


Support for the following new iOS versions is now available:

  • iOS 17.1.1 GA and 17.2 Beta 1. These versions do not currently support:

    All limitations for iOS 16.x versions still apply.

    Connecting iOS devices requires HSS version 23.12 and an IDS with macOS Ventura and Xcode 15.

    Important: To avoid test disruption in hybrid clouds after upgrading devices to iOS 17, on the device, under Settings > General > Airdrop, make sure that the Bringing Devices Together toggle is turned off.

    If you are interested in having iOS 17 devices connected in your cloud, contact Perfecto Support.

  • iOS 16.7.2 GA.

    Limitation for iOS versions 16.4 and later: Due to an Apple bug, Perfecto Object Spy does not support SafariViewController-based applications on a device.

    All limitations documented for iOS 15 still apply.

  • 15.8 GA for devices in the iPhone 7 series.

For complete support information, see iOS support updates.

Platform support | Virtual devices


Added support for iOS 17.2 Beta 1 on simulators (US and Sydney only, with limited capacity).

Updated the default device and OS version for simulators to iPhone 14 with iOS 16.4 (instead of iPhone 13 with iOS 15.5).

Support for iOS 14.x on simulators has ended.

For an updated list of devices and versions, see Supported simulator devices and OS versions.


Added support for the following new devices on Android 14 emulators:

  • Pixel 8

  • Pixel 8 Pro

Updated the default device and OS version for emulators to Pixel 7 with Android 14 (instead of Pixel 4 with Android 13).

For an updated list of devices and versions, see Supported emulator devices and OS versions.

Browser support

Support for the following new browser versions is now available:

  • Google Chrome 119 Stable and 120 Beta on Windows and Mac machines

  • Microsoft Edge 119 Stable on Windows machines

  • Mozilla Firefox 119 Stable and 120 Beta on Windows and Mac machines

For a complete list of supported browsers, see Supported platforms.