Insights is designed to help you jump-start your root cause analysis (RCA) efforts, improve your testing success over time, and accelerate identification of real bugs in the tested application. Insights can help you with constantly improving your success rate and efficiently find the real bug in the tested application. The latter goal may be hard to achieve when many tests are failing for various reasons. Which error should you focus on first? Which test is the one that deserves immediate attention?

Perfecto's AI-powered RCA approach

Perfecto's root cause analysis (RCA) feature now uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify the underlying error behind test failures. This enhanced approach to RCA empowers you to identify the true root cause of failures quicker instead of having to painstakingly sift through possibly thousands of non-informative error messages daily.

How does this new approach work? Perfecto performs AI analysis in any of the following cases:

  • An "Element not found" or "Class not found" error occurs

  • A test execution fails without any assigned failure reason

  • The status of a test execution is unknown

Based on the information displayed on the screen at the moment of failure, Perfecto's AI process tries to define the root cause of the error, which in turn will allow you to efficiently address and resolve the underlying problem.

It is possible to change the failure reasons assigned by Perfecto's RCA feature to custom failure reasons. If this is something you need, contact Perfecto Support.

The Insights dashboard

The Insights dashboard includes different widgets that slice and dice the information in different ways so you can quickly decide which issues to investigate first, which tests to re-run, when to replace a device, and so on. They provide actionable data, advice, and solutions along with trending information and predictive analytics.

You can configure the data in this view through the configuration pane. For more information, see Group or filter data.

To access Insights:

  • Go to Test Analysis > Insights. When you open the dashboard this way, it shows by default data for the last 7 days.

  • In the CI Dashboard, click the icon, available in the right-most column and in the tooltips available for the Result History and Duration History columns.

Watch this short video for a demonstration of how to navigate and work with Insights.

Tip: Perfecto also provides information on the failure history of a particular test. This widget is available at the level of the single test report (STR). For details, see Test failure history.

Available widgets

Following is a short description of all widgets, including their logic: