Release 22.9

See what's new in Perfecto 22.9.

Virtual device enhancements

  • Perfecto now supports virtual devices in the Public Cloud. Virtual devices are available for manual and automation testing. In addition, because there is a difference between apps for real and virtual iOS devices, the Perfecto Repository includes a dedicated folder for Simulator apps.

  • In Canada only, virtual devices now support all devices on iOS 15.4, including the following new devices:

    • iPhone SE (3rd generation)

    • iPad Air (5th generation)

    In other regions, support for iOS 15.4 will be available soon.

  • Virtual devices now support Appium 1.22.3. This version is the new default version.

For comprehensive support information, see Supported platforms.

Scriptless Mobile enhancements

Job management

Scriptless Mobile now has a new approach to and enhanced options for job management.

Previously, jobs were attached to tests. Now, you can create a job and select tests to run as a part of the job.

You can navigate to the Jobs view via the menu icon . The Jobs view offers the ability to view, create, edit, copy, delete, and run jobs. You can also view reports for a job.

A detailed job view displays tests associated with a job and job runs. Here, you can add a test to a job.

Abort Job option

In the Job details view, a job run now displays an Abort Job button at the end of the row to stop a running job. The Abort Job button is visible only when the job is not in COMPLETED or ABORTED state.

Assets and device sets

Scriptless Mobile also provides now access to assets defined for a project through the Assets view. You can navigate to the Assets view via the menu icon .

Here, you can create and manage device sets on the Device Sets tab. A device set is a predefined combination of real and/or virtual mobile devices that you can then use when running jobs.

Refresh option

While creating a test, you can now manually refresh the current screen on the device to load the screen components completely. This way, you can add actions with more accuracy.

The Refresh button gets activated for the current screen when the action panel is enabled. It gets deactivated when an action is executed.

Trigger type information

The Report Library now shows appropriate Trigger Type values for Scriptless Mobile reports.

The Trigger Type column can include the following values:

  • Manual (tests initiated manually by the user)

  • CI/CD (jobs initiated by external CI/CD tools or the Scriptless command line interface)

Scriptless Web enhancements

Move to Folder option

In the Tests view and Jobs view, enhanced the option to move items and whole folders to a different location. Now, the option to move an item is only available if a possible target folder exists. In addition, in the list of available target folders, any destination that is not applicable for a move is disabled (for example, the folder in which an item currently resides is always disabled).

Delete option for assets

In the Assets view, you can now remove unnecessary or unwanted assets. With this enhancement, on the File Assets and Code Assets tabs, when you hover over individual rows, the delete icon appears.

Appium 2 Beta support

Added support for Appium 2 Beta. Appium 2 Beta requires Java client 8.1.0. To configure the client, you need to specify the new Appium 2 Beta capability automationVersion. For details, see Appium 2 capabilities.

For migration information, see the Appium documentation at Migrating to Appium 2.x from Appium 1.x.

For comprehensive support information, see Supported platforms.

Other framework support

Selenium 4 GA

For desktop web testing, Perfecto now uses Selenium 4 GA (Server) by default on every Windows browser (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox).

In addition, Selenium 4 GA is now supported for, Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox on Mac, but not by default. To use Selenium 4 on Mac, you need to set the capability seleniumVersion.


Selenium 4 GA on Mac is not yet supported in the Public Cloud.

For comprehensive information on Selenium support, see Supported platforms.

Appium 1.22.3

Perfecto now supports Appium 1.22.3. You can select the Appium version to use at runtime through the appiumVersion capability. If you are interested in making Appium version 1.22.3 your new default version, contact Perfecto Support.

With support for Appium 1.22.3, Appium version 1.18.3 is now deprecated in both enterprise and hybrid clouds. You can still use older versions, but Perfecto will no longer fix any related issues or problems you may encounter when working with these versions.

For comprehensive information on Selenium support, see Supported platforms.

Resolved issues

Fixed an issue with the Edit test link in the Report Library. Opening a report from the Report Library and clicking the Edit test link would sometimes return a 404 Not Found error.

With this fix, the Edit test link works as expected.

Platform support

Support for the following new platform versions is now available in all clouds:

  • iOS 16 Beta 3. The following limitation has been resolved:

    When an application fails to install, a stub of the application remains on the device and needs to be removed before re-installation. However, currently, it is not possible to remove the stub automatically or to use the uninstall option from the Applications widget in the UI. Instead, the stub must be removed manually from the device UI.

    This restriction also applies to iOS 16 Beta 1.

  • iOS 15.6 GA

All limitations documented for iOS 15 still apply. For complete support information, see iOS support updates.