Release 24.7

See what's new in Perfecto 24.7 (released on June 2, 2024):

Scriptless Mobile enhancements

Take screenshots

With Scriptless Mobile, you can now capture an image of the current device screen. In addition, you can preview, sort, and delete screenshots. If you want to keep a screenshot for later reference, you can download it. Perfecto deletes all screenshots at the end of a session.

To learn how to work with Screenshots in Scriptless Mobile, watch this video or see Take screenshots.

Test management

With Scriptless Mobile, you can now copy, move, rename, and delete tests in a dedicated view called Manage tests. These test management actions will make your daily tasks more efficient and productive.

To learn how to perform advanced test management in Scriptless Mobile, watch this video or see Perform advanced test management..

Test versions

Scriptless Mobile provides enhanced test collaboration options by enabling you to edit and save tests owned by other users. Each time you save a test, Scriptless Mobile creates a version, called a snapshot, along with details such as version number, comments, updated timestamp, and modifier. For any test, you can view a list of snapshots, select a snapshot, edit it, and save it.

To learn how to work with test versions in Scriptless Mobile, watch this video or see Work with test versions.

Target and Relative Position parameters in text analysis

In Scriptless Mobile, in the Text analysis widget, the Target and Relative Position parameters are now available for all commands. Both parameters appears in the advanced parameters list.

With the Target parameter, you can search for any word in the string or for a string of words (a phrase) in the string. With the Relative position parameter, you can specify the position of text relative to the button and the text distance from the button.

To learn more, see Perform text analysis .

Perfecto Connect enhancements

Signed client

On macOS, the Perfecto Connect client is now signed with a certificate issued by Apple so that you can download and install it safely. Previously, because the Perfecto Connect client was not signed, the installation process on Mac machines was interrupted by warning messages.

To learn more about Perfecto Connect, see Perfecto Connect.

End-of-life notice

iOS 12 will be declared end-of-life (EOL) on July 21, 2024. After this date, devices running iOS 12 will no longer be available in Perfecto.

For details about the Perfecto support policy, see Suspension of support policy | Mobile device OS.

Deprecation reminder

As of May 24, 2024, the Perfecto Jenkins plugin has been deprecated. Current plugin installations continue to work, but going forward, Perfecto will no longer provide bug fixes and maintenance services for this plugin.

As an alternative, you can create a Jenkins pipeline with Perfecto Connect. To learn more, see Jenkins plugin > Step-by-step instructions > 4 | Work with Advanced usage scenarios > Create a Perfecto Connect pipeline.

Platform support | Real devices

New iOS versions

You can now test your applications on the following new iOS versions:

  • 17.5.1 GA and 17.5 GA

    All limitations for iOS 16.x versions still apply.

  • 16.7.8 GA

    This version is reserved for older devices that do not support iOS 17.

    Limitation for iOS versions 16.4 and later: Due to an Apple bug, Perfecto Object Spy does not support SafariViewController-based applications on a device.

    All limitations for iOS 15 still apply.

For complete support information, see iOS support updates.

Platform support | Virtual devices

New iOS versions

You can now test your applications on simulators running iOS 17.5 GA. For an updated list of devices and versions, see Supported simulator devices and OS versions.

Browser support

You can now test your applications in the following new browser versions:

  • Google Chrome 125 Stable on Windows and Mac machines

  • Mozilla Firefox 126 Stable and 127 Beta on Windows and Mac machines

  • Microsoft Edge 125 Stable on Windows machines