Access and navigate the Perfecto UI landing page

  1. To access the Perfecto UI login page, go to the following URL: 
    where <your-cloud> is the name assigned to the Perfecto instance that you are connected to.
  2. On the login page, enter your username and password and click SIGN IN.

  3. On the landing page, use the icons in the center of the page to access the available Perfecto services:

    • Manual Testing leads to the device selection and an interactive testing interface, where you can open mobile or desktop web devices for testing.

    • Scriptless Automation leads to the interface that lets you create scriptless automation scripts for mobile and web automation.


      Scriptless Automation is currently only available in enterprise clouds.

    • Test Analysis leads to test reports and a live stream (formerly know as the execution center) of all executions currently in progress.